Mackey's History

You will see a picture of Devlen (current owner) with his great-grandfather on the orchard. 

Two pictures of current owners, Holly and Devlen, with their two children, Hannah and Adam. All four Mackey's work year round on the farm, it is definitely a family run farm!

Lastly, a picture of Holly Mackey receiving the Outstanding Young Farmer Award in New Jersey. Holly was the first woman to win the award in New Jersey.
Eight generations ago, William Mackey owned approximately 800 acres of land in White Township, New Jersey. Over the years, various family members have subdivided the property until it became the 96 acre farm it is today.

The first fruit trees, some of which still stand, were planted by Levi C. Mackey in the early 1900's to add incometo his large dairy farm operation. Prior to this, Mackey's farm was primarily field crops, potatoes, pigs, and cows.

Levi's son, Robert Sr., and his wife Virginia expanded the farmin the 1950's by adding cold storage and a packing house. They also moved the old chicken coop across the street and used it as a roadside stand in where they sold produce. It was Virginia who started and built up Mackey's very successful strawberry patch. 

In 1998 Robert's son Devlen, and his wife Holly purchased the farm and have expanded it into what you see today.